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monti feeds poultry swine Feed Greatness. It’s the commitment at Monti Feeds. And when it comes down to it, words aren’t needed. Because if there’s greatness on the inside, it shows on the outside. Animals speak louder than words.

An unwavering dedication to quality and innovation has made Monti Feeds™ a leading provider of nutritional supplements and feeds for livestock and specialty animal markets. Monti Feeds' core businesses of corn and oilseed processing, grain milling and commodity merchandising provide the foundation for a dependable supply of these key ingredients. They understand the challenges facing the industry and have developed ingredient solutions that include everything from basic commodities to a range of specialty ingredients that help our customers optimize production, profits and animal health.

The feed ingredients include products processed from grains and oilseeds. These ingredients are used as sources of protein, energy, fiber, carbohydrates and functional ingredients to economically formulate feeds to meet dietary and production requirements. Using fermentation technology, Monti Feeds converts dextrose derived from corn processing into the essential amino acids lysine and threonine. These amino acids are used by the swine and poultry industries to formulate diets that optimize performance while minimizing environmental impact.

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Meadow Feeds

Meadow logo A animal feeds poultry swine dairy ostrichesMeadow Feeds is regarded as the market leader in the Southern African animal and feed industry. Meadow Feeds supplies a variety of specialised diets and custom feed mixes for the poultry, ostrich, dairy and swine industries.

Meadow Feeds also supplies a full range of technical services to its customers, including advice of nutrition, feedling programmes, animal husbandry and production techniques.

Meadows historical and continued success is driven by ensuring nutritional supremacy and the consistency of supplying quality animal feeds and nutritional solutions to it's globally competitive customers.

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