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microbial solutionsNot only are Microbial solutions unquestionably the leader in microbial product quality, but the name Microbial Solutions is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, fair pricing, integrity and excellent customer service. For the last 20 years they have worked tirelessly to establish ourselves as the leaders in our industry sector.

By way of bio-fertilisation, growth hormone production, and disease reduction their microbial products are classified as bio-stimulants & bio-pesticides - in other words Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR). Their products can be used on both irrigated and dryland crops, and are formulated for ease of use to fit all farming practices and known methods of application and irrigation.

The use of Microbial Solutions’ products give rise to healthier soils and enhanced plant growth. Research has shown that when our microbes are used as a foundation on all crops there is improved plant utilisation of agricultural chemicals and fertilisers, thereby cutting input costs and reducing soil contamination. Soils tend to have less diseases, less compaction, better water retention, increased drainage, and after a few seasons lands tend to work far easier in turn reducing the amount of wear and tear on equipment and in diesel required per hectare.

In addition to Microbial Solutions products being of high strength, long life and high efficacy, they are also the easiest of all biological to work with. They are all fully compatible with almost all chemicals & fertilisers, temperature tolerant, no refrigeration required in the cold chain, easy to apply, and are safe around children, animals and water life.

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