Farm Mapping

Geospatial analysis of farm lands can give vital information which can be used in planning and management of agricultural activities as well as the valuation of the farm land. Farm mapping is an essential part of farm planning and management. Aerial farm maps can be provided with our Arc Veiw programme. The mapping can provide various geospatial referencing such as fencing, stock water, other infrastructure, historical information etc.

Pre-Farm Mapping:

  • Planning infrastructure, irrigation, transport routes and fencing
  • Optimising field and farm layouts to minimise transport costs and maximise crop size and yields
  • Assessing the amount or percentage of land currently under crop or grazing
  • Assessing how much land is under a slope threshold to determine the amount of useable land
  • Identifying water bodies and upstream catchment areas

Monitoring of Current Agricultural Activities

The future of farming relies on the accurate management of resources, GIS provides a platform to aid the management of vastly spaced resources.


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