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An automotive battery is a device that converts the chemical energy contained in it's active materials directly into electric energy by means of electrochemical oxidation-reduction reaction.
Automotive batteries are usually referred to as SLI batteries (starting, lighting, ignition) to power the starter motor, the lights, and the ignition system of a vehicle.

Deep Cycle

Deep-cycle batteries are lead-acid batteries that are designed to be regularly deeply discharged during normal operation, effectively capable of discharging up to 80% of its capacity. The best lifespan vs cost method is to keep the battery at an 50% depth of discharge. All Dixon deeep-cycle batteries are flooded antimonial lead-acid batteries. Dixon Batteries manufacture a range of deep cycle batteries with capacities ranging from 36 to 110 Ah at 12 Volts, making them most suitable for standby systems, marine, solar, and outdoor applications.

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