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Stutt Trading - Agricultural Supplies and Support

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Stutt Trading CC opened its doors in November 2016 as an agricultural input supplier to service the local farmers. The future survival of agricultural food producers rests mainly on the efficient economic production of produce to the consumer. The need to ensure value for money to the farmer is a need to ensure that inputs are purchased at reasonable prices as well correct technologies are used to ensure economic production.

 Agricultural support and the provision of up to date products and technologies is vital to the continued sustainability of agriculture.

Stutt Trading provides numerous services such as agricultural resource assessment, plant nutrition, livestock nutrition, stock and irrigation water design, plant material, weed, insect and disease control, animal disease control etc. This is backed by support from the supplier industry.

The days of conflict and rivalry between farmers and the input industry are numbered and a successful agricultural industry can only be built on trust and good relations with suppliers and customers.


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